Jay CarterValidaTek would like to thank and acknowledge Junius (“Jay”) Carter for his hard work and dedication! Jay is currently a Data Center Engineer III on the Department of State (DoS) / Bureau of Consular Affairs (CA) / Office of Consular Systems and Technologies (CST) CA IT Support Services Task and he has been on this contract for over 9 years. Along with the Inventory Control Group, Jay is responsible for keeping track of hardware inventory and assets at CISS and new installations of server network equipment at Department of State Data Centers (Enterprise Server Operations Center - ESOC). Jay currently works with different groups at ESOC as they are shutting down their environment to decommission and set all equipment up with network access and surplus access out of ESOC. When asked what he likes most about working for ValidaTek, Jay stated that he loves his co-workers and management team. He mentioned that his team leads and the Deputy PMs have been fantastic to work with and very supportive. Jay also stated that everyone at corporate works amazing together and when all ValidaTek employees get together it feels like a big family reunion.